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In Times Like These, We're Glad We Are Bees 🐝

Our members might not know, but the Bike Club team animal is the bee. *No, we're not joking... we had a whole meeting about it, voted other animals off the island. It was a whole thing.*

We chose the humble bumble because they are hard workers. They have just one goal - get the pollen to the hive, baby! 🌼They protect each other and every bee knows just what role they play. 

We make plans on how to survive hard times and store up (metaphorical) honey for a long winter. 🍯When we think of bees, we feel like they are always on the go... fit, healthy and moving forward.

Fair enough, but is this whole post about bees?

Well, no - it's a metaphor for working together and how, in times like this, the whole country is doing the same.🇬🇧

We're all bees now. Our neighbourhoods are coming together and storing honey for the winter. *Leave some loo roll for others though 💩* So many grassroots organisations have sprung up with the single-minded purpose of ensuring our most vulnerable are looked after. 👵That's just what we all need right now. Bees protect each other.

We're encouraging our members and our team to look after their health. To get outdoors and eat right. And most importantly, to stay positive. We'll get through this time, together. 🌎

We're all bees. 🐝

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