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Welcome to Bike Week 2023 UK, the annual celebration of all things two-wheeled! This exciting event, held in the UK, brings together passionate cyclists across the country. 

National Bike Week serves a dual purpose. Firstly it aims to promote cycling as an eco-friendly and healthy mode of transportation. Secondly, it simply encourages people to experience the joy of bike riding. 

Read on to learn about the history of the day and what’s happening this year.  

World Bike Day 

Before we get into Bike Week UK, we have World Bike Day which takes place on the 3rd of June.  

This exciting annual event highlights the power of bicycles as a sustainable and accessible means of transportation.  

The day also aims to promote the many benefits of cycling. These include improved physical and mental health, reduced carbon emissions, and enhanced mobility.   

From organised group rides to solo adventures, World Bike Day offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the world on two wheels.  

Bike Week Purpose & History 

Now onto the main event, Bike Week UK 2023, which kicks off on the 5th of June. The event has a rich history dating back to its inception in 1923. It has since evolved into a week-long festival filled with fun rides and community events.  

It aims to inspire individuals to incorporate cycling into their daily lives. Bike Week promotes the numerous benefits of cycling, such as reducing congestion and improving fitness. 

Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just starting your biking journey, Bike Week UK promises an unforgettable experience. 

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Date & Duration 

This year, Bike Week will run from the 5th to the 11th of June 2023. Look out for local events in your area, as many workplaces and schools take part.  

Who Organises Bike Week 

Bike Week UK is organised by Cycling UK. It is a leading charity dedicated to promoting cycling and encouraging people to cycle for transport, leisure, and fitness. 

With a long history dating back to 1878, Cycling UK has been at the forefront of championing the benefits of cycling.  

The charity collaborates with various partners, local communities, and cycling organizations to create a diverse and engaging program of events.  


Bike Week and cycling in general offer a multitude of benefits that extend beyond the environment. It's no secret that transportation is a major contributor to emissions in the UK. This makes it important to examine how we get around, and how we can reduce emissions.  

Cycling plays a vital role in reducing emissions, whether it's for commuting or any other business journey. Cycling is also known to enhance physical health and save money for individuals.   

Bike Week encourages workplaces across the UK to participate in cycling events and promote eco-friendly transportation. 

Studies have shown that employees who cycle are happier, more productive, take fewer sick days, and tend to stay longer in their roles. Cycling is also great for your family and your child’s mental health 

Bike Week serves as the ideal opportunity to encourage colleagues to embrace active travel. 

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Activities & Initiatives 

There are a number of Bike Week activities, including community rides and challenges that are promoted on their website. Also, keep an eye out for events in your local area.  

Community Rides 

There are many community rides taking place across the country to mark Bike Week. For example, in Yorkshire cyclists are invited to make a ‘pedal pilgrimage’ from or to Bradford Cathedral. This is As part of this year’s national ‘Cathedrals Cycle Route’.  

On the 9th of June, participants can cycle from either Ripon Cathedral to Bradford Cathedral, or Bradford Cathedral to Wakefield Cathedral.  

Meanwhile, in Belfast, cyclists are invited to meet on the 9th for Ride on Belfast. The route begins at Queen’s University and travels through Belfast city centre before finishing at the City Hall for a free breakfast.  

We encourage you to search for events in your local area to get involved.  

Bike Challenges 

This year is the 100th anniversary of Bike Week. To celebrate, Cycling UK is running a series of challenges under the name of Bike Week 100:  

  • Burn 100 Calories by Bike - Cycling is a great way to stay healthy and lose weight. Cycle UK has put together a chart to calculate the rough distance you need to ride to burn 100 calories.  

  • Save £100 by Bike - Switching from a car to a bike can save you a surprising amount. You can reference this Cycling UK guide to calculate how much you could save by cycling instead of driving. 

  • Cover 100 Miles by Bike - More experienced riders are being encouraged to ride 100 miles. It is regarded as being the cycling equivalent of a marathon. If 100 miles is too much, why not take part as a relay team? 

Cycling Events 

Bike Week wants workplaces to organise cycling events. This year they offer free insurance for such events taking place between the 5th and the 11th of June.  

You can register for your Bike Week 100 event on the Cycling UK website. They offer a range of support including insurance coverage, free planning advice, and a host of engagement materials.  

Commuter Challenges 

During Bike Week UK, one of the main focuses is on addressing commuters. Bike Week wants to promote cycling over driving or using public transport to get to work.  

Commuting can often be a stressful and time-consuming experience, but cycling offers an exciting alternative.   

By participating in Bike Week, commuters are encouraged to discover the numerous benefits of cycling to work. Not only does cycling provide a reliable mode of transport, but it also helps to reduce congestion and lower carbon emissions.  


There are a number of ways for you to get involved in Bike Week 2023: 

  • Look for Bike Week events in your local area. 

  • Take part in or create a cycling event with your workplace. 

  • Take on the Bike Week 100 Challenges - Burn 100 calories, Save £100, Ride 100 miles.  

  • Swap out the car and public transport for a bike. 

Get Riding with Bike Club 

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