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Ideas And Advice For Parents

We've collected a bunch of ideas on how children can get the daily 60 minutes of activity encouraged by the UK CMO. 🎽

The UK Government still recommends cycling, walking and running as a safe form of outdoor exercise during the lockdown. 🚲 There are also free indoor activities recommended by the UK Government and we've included some of our favourites too! 🤸

Go out for a walk or run

  • Stay localdon't drive or take public transport to go exercise

  • Keep 2 metres away from other people 🚷

  • Go out alone or with your household

  • Wear light, comfortable clothes and shoes ☁️

  • Take a water bottle

  • Don't meet up with others or stop to chat 🙅‍♀️


Burn off excess energy with a cycle

  • Follow the same advice for a walk or a run

  • Have the right-sized bike for you 📏

  • Ensure your tyres are pumped up

  • Use bike lights if going out in the evening 💡



Mix it up with indoor PE activities

  • Try Disney's shake-up games for 10 minutes of fun with Toy Story, The Lion King and more for your little ones

  • The CBeebies has a great dance programme for littles called Boogie Beebies 💃

  • #ThisisPE has a great YouTube playlist of activities for a range of ages designed to teach useful physical skills 

  • For older children, Fitness Blender has amazing free workout videos for beginners and beyond 📺

You can also read about our 5 lockdown activities for kids or home workouts with 1rebel.  

Do you know of other fun, active ideas for children? Tell us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! 📱