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Two of our favourite things at the Bike Club are:
🌾 Embracing the outdoors
👨‍👧‍👧 Spending time with our families and loved ones

🎨 To mix it up a bit, we thought we'd throw in a splash of paint - or two!

Here are 5 fun outdoor art activities for your family to enjoy all together:


child doing outdoor art activity

Get a roll of wallpaper lining paper (available for around ÂŁ2 from most home or DIY shops) and get a grown-up to cut out long lengths, as long or longer than you are!

Pop your paper on the lawn or in a safe outdoor space.

Find some old containers that have been rinsed out; yoghurt pots or margarine tubs are great if they have lids as you can save any paint you have left to use again.

Fill them with different coloured washable poster paints.

Then get creative and have fun using your body to make prints!

Hands and feet can make some great patterns, but what happens if you do a tummy print?

TOP TIP: Make sure you have a large bucket of warm, soapy water and a towel handy for when the mini-Picassos are done and need a quick outdoor washdown!



children outdoor art


📸 Fireflies + Mudpies

Grab some old water pistols, or buy a few refillable ones from the local shop; they don't have to be expensive to create some great art!

Fill your pistols with a mixture of 1-part washable poster paint and 1-part water.

Head outside and…



Fire your pistols on to old sheets, wallpaper backing paper, canvases or old newspapers, whatever you have at home.

See what unique patterns you can create; maybe you can make your own wrapping paper or wall art for your house?


Great for both indoor or outdoor art, reflective decals (available from 99p on online sites like eBay and Etsy) are a great way to add a personal touch to your bike helmet!

We love a polka dot pattern and spirals, but get creative to see what you can make to help your helmet look super fun and different.

Then, why not head out for a family bike ride and enjoy showing off your personalised helmet?


child with crayons outdoors

Grab some giant chalk sticks and get creative on your drive or patio. Hopscotch is a fantastic game, or create an outdoor snakes and ladders game to play together!

One of our favourite things to do is to create an outdoor bike track, complete with a start and finish! 🚲

You can add in a crowd or 'obstacles' to cycle past.

Let your imagination run wild!



leaf arrangement


📸 Little Green Explorers®

A mandala is a colourful pattern made from shapes in a circular design, rather like your bike's wheels!

They can be made from anything you like but are usually made from natural materials.

Your mandalas can either be painted or printed using leaves or twigs. Or, you could make them out of things you find around the garden, like pebbles, pine cones, petals or leaves.

Challenge your family to see who can make the biggest mandala and the smallest one (or a mini mandala if you like).

Apart from your mandalas and your bike wheels, can you see any other circular patterns or shapes when you're out on your next bike ride?

The great outdoors really is full of symmetry and surprises!

We'd love to see your outdoor art activities in action - so please share your snaps on social with us 🤗

Don't forget to tag @thebikeclub on Facebook, or @jointhebikeclub on Instagram and Twitter!

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