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We are seriously excited to announce our latest collaboration with Little Rider Co. 🔥 

Little Rider Co design, develop and create technical bike clothing and gear just for children.

With their expertise, we have created two of our very own Bike Club cycling jerseys!

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Quickfire Questions with the Founder of Little Rider: Mike Douglass


1) Tell us about why you started Little Rider – what gave you the idea to start up?

"We began looking for a brand when our first son started to get into balance bikes and racing. There are lots of great kids’ bike brands out there, but we really struggled to find quality tech wear and protection for the little ones.

A lot of the mainstream brands don’t cater well for ages 2-14, and the brands that do were not what we were looking for. We wanted to build a brand with a mission; to get more kids on bikes and get them looking like pros".

2) What inspired you to get into the kids cycling space?

"With my background in riding BMX and MTB, it was only a matter of time before I got my son onto a balance bike. I found some great bike brands out there and components, but struggled to find quality technical wear and protection for the younger ages. It was either limited in designs or the fit wasn’t ‘fit for purpose'. 

I started to design and create tech jerseys for my son, and it soon grew from there!"

little rider cycling clothing

3)  What goes into designing a jersey?

"For us we want to be a standout brand. We don’t want to be a typical ‘kids brand’. We want the rider parents to be jealous that they can’t wear their little riders jersey (we get requests from parents weekly for adult jerseys!).  

Once we have a new design that we feel could be the next design series, we share with our Little Rider Army community for feedback. We then take this feedback to create the next release of technical jerseys."

little rider orange

4) What makes Little Rider unique?

"Our main strength is that we are purpose-driven. We treat ourselves as a media brand, and everything we do is to support our mission of getting more little riders riding and inspiring the pros of the future. Whether that be high-quality products, collabs with likeminded brands or online content to support our community.

A lot of the bigger brands don’t invest enough in the age range we support, and as mentioned the ones that do fall short on quality. Another focus for us is our style and brand appeal. We are inspired by brands like Troy Lee, Hoonigan, Oakley etc., and we find it’s the Little Riders parents that relate to this and want their kids to look and feel the part.

We find that when the little riders feel confident, it boosts their enthusiasm for riding and progression."

child with little rider clothing

5) What are your goals for Little Rider in the future?

"We have a lot we want to achieve in 2021/22 – where to start!

We are working on expanding our tech jersey range, we want to do a jersey release each quarter. We are working hard to expand the product range, and aiming to release a protection range for the little riders this year – we feel safety gear is another underserved area for ages 2-14. 

We want to inspire as many kids as possible to get out and ride, feel confident and safe and look like a PRO!"

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