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Kit For Your Adventurer

While you don't have to buy specific clothes for cycling, it can be a fun way for children to participate in cycling culture. Having the right gear will make them feel a part of something big. 🚲🌎

So, we've created a list to kit your family out for your next adventure. 🛍️


🧤 Protect little hands from scuffs, chafes and improve their cycling grip. They come in LOADS of fun colours, so your child can express themselves. Look for lightweight, wicking options without fingers like this:


 cycling gloves


🧥 Rain, rain go away! In the spring, it rains a fair bit. Keep them dry with a bright, reflective jacket that's light and has air vents like this one:

cycling jacket


👟 Without a clip, you can wear any kind of shoe as long as it has good grip. Choose any sort of shoe in any colour! But we think these BMX-inspired flat soles are very cool:

cycling shoes


🩳 Long rides can get uncomfortable and sweaty. Cycling shorts can help! Go for a short that is moisture-wicking and has padding, like this one with a gel insert:

cycling shorts


🎽 The ultimate 'I'm team cycling" accessory - a jersey! There are hundreds of options out there. Pick one in sweat-wicking fabric with bright colours to increase road visibility like this one:

cycling jersey


🛡️ If they're still learning, using cycling pads will prevent skinned knees and elbows. Opt for one with fun colours to match the rest of their kit too! Find them in a set like this:

cycling pads

Have you purchased any cycling kit for your junior cyclist? Share pics with us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. 🤳