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The 8th of June 2021 marks an incredibly important global awareness day: World Oceans Day 🌊

We all need to remind ourselves of the significance of our oceans - after all, "they are the lungs of our Planet, a major source of food and medicine and a critical part of the biosphere," and value the immense power that they hold. Most crucially, we need to raise awareness of their polluted state and do all we can to help. Not just for us, but for future generations.

We're so proud that Micro Scooters are part of our fleet, as they share our goal to be as eco-friendly as possible. Plus, they are doing phenomenal work - their innovative manufacturing process helps tackle this issue.

Micro remove plastics, like discarded fishing nets, from the ocean and transform them into rPET – recycled polyester yarn. This is used to create their great-quality accessories, as well as their Eco scooter decks.

Want to learn how? Have a look at this useful graphic:

turning plastic into bag process

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