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Multi-Bike Discount FAQs

What is the Multi-Bike Discount?

Our Multi-Bike Discount is designed to make cycling more accessible and affordable for families with multiple children. 

The discount gives 10% off each of your monthly subscriptions when you have two or more active subscriptions. 

When will the Multi-Bike Discount start and end?

The Multi-Bike Discount will commence at 12:00 p.m. on the 10 of February 2023, and will remain active until further notice. 

Members using the Multi-Bike Discount will be notified via email no less than 30 days before the discount comes to an end. 

Who can make use of the Multi-Bike Discount?

The promotion is available to all UK mainland residents aged 18 and over, and is subject to passing a soft credit check. 

Bike Club is a regulated financial services provider and so legally obliged to make sure its members can afford our subscriptions. 

Can the Multi-Bike Discount be used in combination with other discounts?

Yes - the multi-bike discount can be used in conjunction with any of our other promotions.

What are the conditions to get the Multi-Bike Discount?

The qualifying conditions for the promotion are: 

  • You must have an existing active subscription and place an order for at least one more bike, OR 
  • You must place an order for two or more bikes during the period in which the promotion is active
  • You must pass a soft credit check
  • You must setup direct debit payments for the remaining amount of your monthly subscription fee with our payment partner GoCardless
  • You must pay for any applicable delivery and subscription fees (purchase is necessary).

How much money will the discount save?

The multi-bike discount will reduce each active monthly subscription fee by 10%, exclusive of the first month’s payment, which must be paid in full.

For example, if you buy a Frog Tadpole subscription, at £8.99 per month, and a Forme Kinder 24 subscription at £15.99 per month, after the initial first month paying full price, you will pay £8.09 and £14.39 respectively. Or a reduction from £24.98 per month to £22.48 per month. 

The discount amount will be calculated based on 10% of each active monthly subscription fee and deducted from each Direct Debit payment.

What happens if I exchange a bike during the discount?

If you exchange a bike during the discounted period of your subscription, the discount will be deemed to be expired. Subsequent payments on any new orders or exchanges will be calculated again based on the qualifying conditions. 

If you have two or more subscriptions purchased prior to the launch of the discount, and you exchange a bike during the discount period, the discount will then come into effect. 

What happens if I cancel a subscription during the discount? 

Similarly to exchanging a bike during the discount, if you cancel your subscription the discount will be deemed to be expired. Payments on new orders will be calculated again based on the qualifying conditions. 

What happens if the order is cancelled? 

If the order is cancelled, refunds will be given for the amount of the original order less the discount received.